What I need to do to meet with one of your escorts?

There is three ways to contact our booking manager, you can select more suitable for you: mobile phone, on-line chat and booking form.

If you want to use mobile phone you can call us, send SMS (iMessage for Apple devices supported) or use WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or WeChat. Depending on the time of day and other bookings our manager will reply you in 2-10 minutes.

To use chat you need to click on right bottom corner to start the session. Typically our booking manager will answer to you in 1-2 minutes. Take a note, chat working hours is 9am-3am. By phone, you can contact us anytime.

And for advance bookings or international bookings you need to use this page. Please, don’t use chat or mobile for international booking, all negotiations about travel escorts only by e-mail!

To meet an escort model in our place you need to say what time you want to come and for how long, once you arrive to our address contact booking service again for additional directions. We sorry, but we don’t place reservations for outcall, because of too many fake bookings.

If you want to invite a girl to your place be ready to provide following details: your first name, mobile for notifications, hotel name and room number. In some hotels, elevator key required, be ready to describe yourself and meet an escort model outside or in the lobby.

Depend on the traffic your model can arrive at your place in 40-60 minutes. Taxi fee included in the price if you stay in a central area, for distant areas you need to pay for a taxi (ask booking manager for details). Please note, if the escort cannot get for reasons beyond our control, and you did not make an effort for this, then you pay a penalty – 30 €!

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