How do I make an international booking?

Please notify us in advance for international bookings because time is of the essence. Some of our escorts require visa applications and this must be taken into consideration for how much notice you should give. We will confirm with you your chosen escorts availability, fees including travel (business class preferred) and details for making a 10-50% bank deposit in order to secure your booking.
If you have never booked with us before, then we will need your verification: full name, place of employment (you can confirm this with a work related email address) and hotel reservation details. We would strongly advise a shorter booking first to become acquainted with your chosen escort before booking her for international travel.
Please note that for international bookings, a weekend is the minimum, especially if your escort must travel for more than 3 hours each way. Longer travelling times may require a week-long booking, but you will need to discuss this with us first.

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