We are really spontaneous and cosy, always up for challenges and like to meet new people. Me and my girlfriend easy to please and I love to go out, a day out just for fun or maybe to go out for dinner but also we like to have a relaxing night in St. Petersburg. We love to flirt and tease so much, want to experience new things and make trips to experience all the wonders of the world… In three. In same time.

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Valeria and Alice is an all Russian blondes with the most beautiful bright blue eyes you have ever seen. They is an inviting and all natural young ladies, with slim and toned body, a glowing personality and a smile that’s sexy, alluring and adorable. Yeah! A killer combination! Compassionate and courageous, Girls is a truly special persons with a palpable sense of being, refined understanding and genuine investment in her world and the people in it. Valeria with Alice is a an escort of magnificent radiance. Happy, open and quite simply, a natural.

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